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Jack & Jill Dance Competition

This is a type of competition in which the dancers do not know who their dance partner will be until a drawing is held.  One method of partner selection is using two containers with names in them - one for the Leaders and one for the Followers.  One name is drawn from each container just a few minutes before the couple is to dance.  This normally does not give the couple time to workout any dance material. Credit is given to Jack Carey for creating this form of dance competition.


It seems as though everyone you talk to has an answer such as Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Jive, or other of the Swing Dances. It depends on who you are talking to as to their definition of Jitterbug. The term Jitterbug was created in the 1930s.  The people dancing to swing music were referred to as Jitterbugs - no matter what dance they were doing. Therefore, I rarely use the term Jitterbug. If I do, I am referring to Lindy Hop or am referring to all of the Swing Dances in general.  Also see What is Swing Dance? What is Jitterbug? What are the differences? and Raper's Dance Teacher's Corner


Is a form of dance very similar to east coast swing, but normally very energetic and very similar to a good aerobic workout.  The basic 6 beat Rhythm Units are EVEN, ODD, ODD. The basic 8 beat Rhythm Units being EVEN, ODD, EVEN, ODD.  This form of dance was developed in Europe so the ballroom dancers would have something to do to swing music in competition.  They obviously didn't want to put in the work to develop their skills in one of the real swing dances like West Coast Swing or Lindy Hop, so they created Jive.   Also see Swing Dance.

I am sorry, but I must add some comment here.  It is a mystery to those in the real swing dance community why Jive is still included in much of the National and International Ballroom Dance Competition.  I consider it an outrage to include Jive in any competition instead of the much more complex swing dances such as Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.   I only hope that as dance is included in the Olympics that the more complex swing dances will be included instead of Jive.


A movement wherein one or both feet press into the floor causing the body to rise, with the the feet leaving the floor, and then landing on both feet.  Also see Hop, Leap, Skip, Scoot.


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